به اطلاع کلیه مخاطبان می‌رساند، مجموعه همایش‌های بین‌المللی کاربرد استانداردهای GS1 به دلیل پاره‌ای از مسائل لغو گردیده و برگزاری آن به زمان دیگری موکول شده است.

از توجه و استقبال شما برای حضور در این همایش سپاسگزاریم

Our previous shows were a great success! Next, the presence of femous speaker “Non Dorman” will make the event more lively that we believe!

We are getting high crowd. So, get your ticket before we are out of seat. Hurry!

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Electronic business is a way that customers choose their goods or services through the internet or other digital technologies and order for them and then through the delivery process receive them. The area of this business is very wide and has grown from local business to global business. Buying books online from international sources is an example of this business. Electronic businesses owners should be familiar with logistics and transportation systems because the growth of the e-commerce domain and application has created a new challenge in products delivery. In this type of business, customers deliver their purchased goods at home instead of the stores and that’s while delivery of a large number of small size packages, with lots of variety, is a new challenge. Anyway in E-commerce successful and timely delivery of goods is necessary to get customers satisfaction.
To overcome transportation and logistics challenges, E-businesses use different approaches. Many of them create their own logistic system and some others use professional logistic companies who are capable to track the info of origin, destination, route, delivery time, order registration information and etc. and carry a different kind of packages in the shortest time and lowest price.

E-logistic is an internet-based system that uses information technology instead of traditional logistics processes. Smart logistic and E-Logistic are constantly developing in electronic commerce.

Although Smart logistic and E-Logistic are considered as new topics in the e-commerce world and lots of businesses do not care about them but they have been very effective in improving the quality of services. Smart logistic uses software to improve transportation networks planning and provides the possibility of implementing centralized distribution networks and management systems. This method can facilitate home delivery services.
Logistic companies using GS1 global Organization’s solutions include identification and tracking standards and IT base roadmap, guarantee accurate, on-time delivery of goods