به اطلاع کلیه مخاطبان می‌رساند، مجموعه همایش‌های بین‌المللی کاربرد استانداردهای GS1 به دلیل پاره‌ای از مسائل لغو گردیده و برگزاری آن به زمان دیگری موکول شده است.

از توجه و استقبال شما برای حضور در این همایش سپاسگزاریم

Our previous shows were a great success! Next, the presence of femous speaker “Non Dorman” will make the event more lively that we believe!

We are getting high crowd. So, get your ticket before we are out of seat. Hurry!

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Illicit trade and product counterfeiting are serious problems for manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, government authorities and consumers and unfortunately, many important business sectors of the globe are negatively affected. Hence, the government and various companies are trying to prevent the spread of illicit trade.
According to the surveys, one of the reasons that consumers buy illicit products is lack of awareness about the legality of products that are purchased via online or offline marketplaces. Creating transparency in supply chains, on one hand, can increase customers’ insight and awareness and on the other hand will provide the possibility of accurate monitoring of the commercial goods in transportation and transit, customs performance and financial transactions areas.

To prevent illicit trade in products, GS1 has provided tools for supply chain security by creating an international tracking and tracing system. Global standards of GS1 have an ability in unique identification of products, tracking and tracing cargoes during the transportation process and tracing events. GS1 members in Ireland, France, Germany, Turkey, Poland and … are working and studying in this area to improve the existing standards. At this event, the latest achievements in this area will be presented and experiences from different countries will be shared.