به اطلاع کلیه مخاطبان می‌رساند، مجموعه همایش‌های بین‌المللی کاربرد استانداردهای GS1 به دلیل پاره‌ای از مسائل لغو گردیده و برگزاری آن به زمان دیگری موکول شده است.

از توجه و استقبال شما برای حضور در این همایش سپاسگزاریم

Our previous shows were a great success! Next, the presence of femous speaker “Non Dorman” will make the event more lively that we believe!

We are getting high crowd. So, get your ticket before we are out of seat. Hurry!

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Complimentary Drinks

Open Wi-Fi Facilities

Win a Macbook Pro (Raffle Draw)

Dr. Farhad Dezhpasand

Minister for Economic and Assets Affairs

Dr. Reza Rahmani

Minister for Industry and Mine of Iran

Dr. Abbas Memarnejad

Under Secretary of Ministry of Economic and Assets Affairs, Professor of Islamic Azad University

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Behkish

The executive director (Secretary General) of the Iranian National Committee of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) in Iran and president of the Presidency Council of the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Marjan Faghih Nasiri

(President of Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mofateh

(Chairman of the board of Iran E-Commerce Scientific Association (IECA

Dr. Sayyed Hossein Paryab

President of GS1 Iran & Secretary of Iran E-Commerce Scientific Association

Dr. Rezvani

Dr. Barari